They say that you really do need to have a lot of passion in this business. Its true of course for any business but especially, in addition to all the myriad of decisions that need to be made, a distillery has it’s own set of regulations, rules and licences, and that is before you even make a gin the people like.

But if there is a burning passion to make a great gin then the end goal makes it all worthwhile.

“There is nothing more satisfying than having people come back and say Wow, yum and love that aroma and even more so the taste”

Our Citrus Gin began its journey in a tiny 5 litre Alquitar test still. I think we made about 40 recipes.

When you make 39 where the feedback is along the lines of “Needs to focus more in class” or ‘Would go well ….well somewhere” you really do need the passion, persistence and patience.

They say making any spirit is an art and that is certainly true, however science also plays an important part in terms of understanding how different botanicals react to each other and recording each step in each process in each recipe.

Not always fun but a big help in continuing to improve.

Our 40th recipe, the one we are now selling was tested by some very experienced distillers in Australia and quite a few gin drinkers here in NZ. I actually think some had never had gin before but quite willing to try free alcohol.

Off course it is always best enjoyed with the neighbours which is our catch cry today

The feedback we received on number 40 was fantastic and from there the journey began, making sure we could replicate what came of the test still into a far bigger Alembic. Another challenge…

To be able to market this gin – to get the message out there and then with both Silver and Bronze awards has been very satisfying.