Look we’ve always considered dehydrated garnishes to be a bit naff, but we’re sheepishly getting turned around into dried fruit lovers. To be honest, we got ourselves a dehydrator and started playing around – and it turns out dehydrating fruits (especially citrus), is pretty awesome.

Given that Waitoki Gin has quite a bold citrus profile, we usually just add garnishes simply for no other reason than to make that clear liquid goodness look fancy in its threads.

Dehydrated fruits mean less flavour is imparted on the drink, but you get the fullness of the aroma.

When you strip the water out of anything, it generally leaves you with a concentrated version of its former self. As for garnishes, this is no different, except in our experience – it’s the aroma that is intensified, not necessarily the flavour. So for us, we found that to be a good thing, because we didn’t want wedges of lemon and lime throwing off the balance of the drink that let’s face it, we’d put years into perfecting the recipe for!

So, the verdict is in. Dried up treats while not a necessity, are good fun.

And it turns out, you don’t really need the dehydrator. (But you definitely do if it matches your toaster).  

If you’ve got the dehydrator, you basically just follow the instructions. But if you’re using your oven, it’s pretty straightforward.

  1. First, wash your fruit to get rid of any nasties.
  2. Cut into slices (full round), around 5mm thick (or thicker if you want).
  3. Load one layer flat onto baking paper.
  4. Pop into the oven on the lowest heat setting for approx. 6 hours, depending on how thick you’ve decided to cut them).
  5. After 3 hours, check your fruit and flip them over.
  6. Keep checking every hour.
  7. Once they’re not sticky to touch, they’re gone.

Wanna get even fancier? Flavour your cut up fruit pieces with some cinnamon or thyme.

Thanks to Salomé Watel for the photo. Our real photo is here: