So refreshing, love it!

Eileen Osborne, Tauranga

Bliss in a bottle! Thank you!

Kay Clements, Kaukapakapa

Washhouse Gin with two ‘h’s for heavenly and haha!

Chrissy Jones, Shelly Beach

Love the use of New Zealand botanicals which gives the gin a local flavour and kiwi spin! Very drinkable and tasty. The perfect drink for anytime, anywhere.

Emma Rameil, Kaukapakapa

One word describes ….delicious!

Janice Tylden, Takapuna

“A dry and very tasty, full flavoured mix that tasted unlike any other gin we can think of. Bloody nice appetising taste, refreshing, dry (as I said), not sweet at all, certainly seemed to taste the citrus element but not in any way overpowering. GOT to be a winner there” 

Bob McMurray, Waitoki

“Refreshing. Clean and crisp upfront with bold notes of fresh citrus. Nice straight over ice or mixed with tonic”

Mark Mackay, Torbay