Some people will remember back in the 70’s, the days that Pinto juice was delivered to your door by the milkman in exchange for coloured tokens. This cocktail is filled with kiwi nostalgia, as a nod to their delicious Feijoa & Grapefruit juice that we used to get delivered right to people’s campsites!

To start, prepare the feijoa ice cubes:
• 8 Fresh/ripe feijoas.
• ½ cup water.

Shuck the flesh from 8 feijoas and puree with ½ cup water in a blender until smooth. Pour into ice cube trays and freeze (makes 2-3 trays).

Then to make the cocktail:

• 3 feijoa ice cubes
• 30mL Waitoki Washhouse citrus gin.
• 150mL East Imperial Grapefruit Soda

Put the 3 feijoa ice cubes in a tall glass and pour the gin over them. Stir for 20 seconds or so until the cubes just start to melt. Top with 150mL East Imperial Grapefruit Soda. Garnish with a wedge of lime or Feijoa slide. Enjoy with your neighbours.

You can also use your frozen feijoa cubes with just soda water for a refreshing drink, or, unthaw them, ferment and make wine?!