It’s October and although we’re a bit late for Bee Awareness Month, the early Manuka blossoms are starting to appear and the bees are busy. It seems fitting to try a new Gin Fizz drink with Manuka honey. 

  • 30mL shot of Waitoki Gin
  • The juice from half a lemon
  • 15mL Manuka Honey
  • 15mL warm water
  • 150mL chilled soda water
  • 2 sprigs of fresh rosemary or thyme

First, dilute the Manuka honey in the warm water. Then in a shaker, add Waitoki Gin, a sprig of rosemary or thyme, lemon juice, the diluted Manuka honey and lots of ice. Pour into your most favourite glass. Enjoy with the neighbours, outside with the bees.