While last year tested most of us in so many ways, it did teach us (among other things) about hope, optimism, and the search for the silver linings, the simpler things and reach out to community when life throws you some lemons. 

And the last few days of this year was no exception.

Crazy winds and a couple of frosts meant that our neighbours’ Susan and Tony’s edible garden took a bit of a beating and the rhubarb especially, was destined for waste if it wasn’t harvested promptly. With Susan and Tony away, we, and their cat Stig, got our hands dirty and picked all of the flattened rhubarb, which will make its way into our next Waitoki Rhubarb GIN!

Rhubarb saved, more gin on the horizon; it’s a good day! We also found that Rhubarb leaves make good hats and umbrellas (just be sure not to eat these pesky leaves as they’re poisonous…).

Now Susan’s garden is definitely one to get jealous about. I reckon it must have something to do with the massive hand-made composting bins on the property; the garden to compost square meterage is definitely a 1:2 ratio here! The sheep also help out by providing pellets and dags to add to the mix.

But in the plus side, if you’re thinking of growing rhubarb and don’t have the space, you can also produce a really healthy rhubarb in a pot #funfact!