Today it’s our birthday! Our little distillery has been humming (well, mostly humming! Sometimes chugging…haha) for 2 years…and it doesn’t feel like a coincidence that we were picking fresh citrus from the trees at our neighbours’ place this morning.
An idea for a distillery that ignited while distilling spirits in the neighbours’ laundry, our mantra ‘best enjoyed with the neighbours’ inspires all that we do.
So when Nicole let us know they had an abundance of citrus that had just taken off this year, we were stoked to be able to collect the fruit that might have otherwise gone to waste.
These last two years we’ve met so many legends like Nicole in our community, and we’ve found it’s become so much more than gin for us.
Thanks to all our gin lovers for continuing to support our distillery – be it drinking Washhouse, asking for Washhouse at your local, recommending Washhouse to friends or sharing ingredients with us – we wouldn’t be here without you!
So here’s to another year of enjoying gin with the neighbours!