our ingredients

We like to keep it simple, but it just so happens that some of new Zealand’s own native botanicals have provided an exceptional flavour profile to Waitoki Gin.

Our original recipe combines the basics of Juniper, Coriander and Angelica Root, along with a citrus explosion from fresh orange and grapefruit. On the tongue, a fresh peppery spice from Kawakawa & Horopito. Our newer, rhubarb gin uses the same base recipe we all love, and then after distillation is steeped with fresh, locally grown rhubarb for a sweet, but decadent, fruity finish. Along the way, we added another (secret) local addition from a tree that is 200+ years old and calls Waitoki home on our property.

It’s a fresh, tasty, citrus-forward gin that’s easy to drink without lacking in taste. Drink it on its own, mix it with your favourite tonic or pair it with your neighbour!

Our botanicals are sourced from local suppliers, our fruits are either grown or sourced locally and we use NZ spring water in the distillation process.

our family recipe

Born out of 40 different recipes over eighteen months, the first batches of Waitoki Washhouse Gin are the result of a journey of many failures, surprises and successes.

Using a small handmade alquitar still, learning as we do – and even after taking the prescribed courses (or causes!) over the years on the different ways to distil the perfect gin, there were still many a tastings of not so tasty gin…

A number of blind tastings later with the neighbours, family, friends, the incredible nose and taste buds of our Australian Distiller friend Tim Stones & Expert Barrel Brewer and island farmer Garrett Sherman – we finally came up with a gin we all concluded was quite tasty.

One which people would enjoy. Something distinctly different, distinctly refreshing. And so Washhouse Distillery was born!